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Talking with Trojanmonkeythumperhorse…

Kraak is a small, difficult to find and excellent venue tucked away in the edges of Manchester city centre’s Northern Quarter. Fortunately, Kraak is happy to host concerts that readers of this blog will be interested in. Last night was one of those that had been eagerly anticipated for a long time, with Trojan Horse AND Thumpermonkey on the same bill, ably assisted by furious math-rock duo Cleft and the intricate Vasco Da Gama.


Trojan Horse were in spectacular form. The rare appearence of Sun and Summer in Manchester did not suit with our lumberjack shirted hero Nick, as the heat on stage was intense, but it seemed to fire (pardon the pun) them up even more than usual. Material from the “new album” yet to be realised was especially noteworthy. Thumpermonkey as usual defied anything else you could ever hear. Both bands went down a storm with an audience of mixed ages – great to see some of the younger people really getting into this sort of music.

After their sets, Thumpermonkey’s bass player Sam Warren, TH’s Nick Duke and I stepped out into the evening sun on Bradley’s Court to have a natter about musical this and that for the Ork Alarm! blog. You can hear that conversation after Nick’s lecture on why I should be putting gigs on in Rochdale! Many thanks to Sam and Nick for their time and contributions to this. A fantastic night all round.

The interview can be downloaded from HERE

Trojan Horse
Vasco Da Gama

Half asleep half awake

Well look what’s turned up! Some unheard of film footage of Henry Cow at The Manor during recording sessions for ‘Unrest’. This film also features Kevin Coyne, and (as mentioned in a Hatfield & The North song) the Manor Mobile, though how it ever got anywhere to do its recordings is a miracle!

Henry Cow at The Manor

The title of this post is the name of the main piece Henry Cow play in this clip.

henry cow manor

The horse that talks – Trojan Horse interview

TH coverAnd we don’t mean Mister Ed! The environs of Manchester are producing some fascinating new music. Cyril Snear, A Greater Horror and more are active, but a definite fave at Interesting Alternative Towers is Trojan Horse. An eponymous album and the ‘Fire’ EP have excited and elicited interest in the alt-prog world and a chance to see them in Manchester (March 8th 2013 at The Ruby Lounge) recently was not to be missed. They played the first set ahead of the fascinating Moulettes, and the legend who is Arthur Brown, who at 70 years old has still got the voice and wow factor that stunned people back in the late 60’s. He’s still the best dancer in rock music as well!! Anyway, Trojan Horse took to the stage with a new piece, and followed up with more familiar titles such as ‘Fire’ , ‘Disciplining The Reserve Army’ and ‘Mr Engels Says’. They were, as expected excellent – a fine half hour set packed with energy, complex passages, a slight funk interlude (which they explain in the interview) and a few Yo Ho Ho’s, all of which were played with a surgeons precision and great enthusiasm.

Eden, Guy, Nick and Loz were kind enough to invite me for a conversation for this blog which we reproduce below. The quality isn’t pristine, and the dressing room door opens to the strains of Moulettes on more than one occasion, but this is the chat we had about their music and beyond. Exciting news about a new album is contained within!

You can hear the interview from this DROPBOX link. You can either play it on-site, or right click the player and download the file.

If you don’t know their music, a visit to the Trojan Horse Bandcamp page is a must!


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