About Christian Vander on Tour

“Christian Vander On Tour” Was a project started by Paul Mummery to identify where and when Christian Vander and his various bands have performed over the years. The listings are under constant scrutiny from our French friends at Zeuhl Music. Please contact Ork Alarm! if you have any information that could be useful for future updates, such as scans of ticket stubs,  magazine reviews, posters or flyers. Photographs probably exist for every concert. It would be great to set up a photographic concert history to compliment “CHRISTIAN VANDER ON TOUR”. We would be delighted to publish them with your permission.

It also may be of use to you to know if an official or “unofficial” recording of a show was made, no attempt has been made to grade these recordings, since obviously only a few people could have a master tape for each concert, but the world wide network of such collectors could possess anything from a 1st generation copy to a 10th generation analogue recording. Neither is it a complete list. Obviously, only recordings that are in general circulation are “known” about. “New” recordings are constantly appearing.

[a] - Cassette tapes, or audio files of this are in circulation – from poor to excellent
[u] - tapes exist or are rumoured to exist but are not in general circulation
[d] - DAT tapes exist among collectors
[r] - Radio recording in circulation – Sometimes “hi-fi” quality
[s] - Soundboard tapes are in circulation – often excellent quality
[v] - Video footage of all or part of this show known to exist
Colour Code:
Red = Uncertain information
Purple = Cancelled or Postponed

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