Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Francis Moze, Teddy Lasry, François “Faton” Cahen, Claude Engel, Alain “Paco” Charléry, Richard Raux, Jacky Vidal (until April?)
Little documentation survives from this era, so we assume that they showcased their first album.

1970-03-??   Paris (75) Studio (recorded demo of Naü Ektila)[a]
1970-05-22   Paris (75) Théâtre de la Musique (now called Gaieté Lyrique) (+ Moving Gelatine Plates , + Tryptique ; 1st Official Concert) at 21h30
1970-05-26   Nanterre (92), Théâtre des Amandiers, at 20h30
1970-06-19   Paris (75) Discorama, ORTF French TV (Interview + Stoah) [v]
1970-07-09   Paris (75) Gibus
1970-07-??   Vincennes (94) Ancienne Cartoucherie
1970-07-??   Châteauroux (36), Festival du 32 on 26th July(?) (+Gong)
1970-08-??   Aix-en-Provence (13) Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Château de Saint-Pons, 1st to 3rd August (Magma were advertised to appear on either the 1st,2nd or 3rd of August but did not play)
1970-08-??   Paris (75) Gibus
1970-09-05   Le Grau-du-Roi (30) Arènes (contest sponsored by “Belin” Biscuits for Amateur Bands) – (“le groupe passe en vedette” = “a group to star”?) + Claude Luter, + JL Ponty + Michel Grallier
1970-09-11   Paris (75) Gibus
1970-10-08   Paris (75) Golf-Drouot
1970-10-17   Paris (75) Olympia, Musicorama (18h30)
1970-10-??   Paris (75) Golf-Drouot (or Fondettes (37)?)


Christian Vander, Teddy Lasry, Francis Moze, Claude Engel, François “Faton” Cahen

Interpretation of Univeria Zekt “Africa Anteria” + 3 rearranged themes by J. Hendrix and C. Santana ending with “Blue Rondo at the Turk”.

Transition were the support act for Deep Purple (Deep Purple Gig List) but we should be guided by the documentation in “Univeria Zekt – The Unnamables” on the Muséa Reissue given by Klaus Blasquiz, Laurent Thibault and Tito Peuntes as to which concerts they attended.


1970-10-25   Lyon (69), Théâtre du 8ème (Concert at 15h00 + Deep Purple)
1970-10-26   Chambéry (73), Venue unknown (+ Deep Purple)(to be remove? See inside cover “Univeria ZEKT – The Unnamables”)
1970-10-27   Sochaux (25), Venue unknown (+ Deep Purple)
1970-10-28   Mulhouse (68) Venue unknown (+ Deep Purple)
1970-10-30   Le Havre (76) Venue unknown (to be remove? see the inside cover of “Univeria Zekt – The Unnamables”?) (However, according to “Best Magazine” December 1970, this took place!
1970-11-01   Paris (75) Olympia (to be removed? ; see the inside cover of “Univeria Zekt – The Unnamables”?)
1970-11-02   Elbeuf (76) (+ Zoo)
1970-11-03   Brest (29) Venue unknown (to be removed? ; see the inside cover of “Univeria Zekt – The Unnamables”?)


Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Francis Moze, Teddy Lasry , François “Faton” Cahen, Claude Engel, Alain “Paco” Charléry , Richard Raux

1970-11-25 magma

1970-11-25   Paris (75) Les Halles Pavillon 9 (festival? Interupted?)
1970-11-26   Paris (75) Théâtre de l’Est Parisien
1970-11-28   Paris (75) POP2, ORTF,French TV, (Aurae , Stöah, Mûh + Interviews)[v]
1970-??-??   Paris (75) Café de la Gare

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