Ork Alarm # 26

September 2003

Ork Alarm! # 26

An Irregular Bulletin for Zeuhl Fanatics


  • Kobaïan News
  • The Grand RIO Connection
  • Friends & Relatives
  • Concert Dates


There’s been so much activity on the “Zeuhl” front since the final
issue of Ork Alarm! (# 25) that it’s hard to know where to begin!

I’ve decided to try and produce a Monthly, may end up Bi-Monthly (perhaps “irregular”,
see title for opt out clause) online issue of Ork Alarm! Hopefully Paul Mummery
will be looking down and smiling.

I had started to put together an “Ork Alarm Continued” section with
the intention of splitting it into a number of subsections and then adding articles
to each page as and when I stumbled upon them. However after a day of correlation
the list of articles was off the page, especially the ones relating to Magma
and “Zeuhl” style artists. So perhaps another approach ….

I’ve been checking out the Canterbury Music website Musart [now defunct],
Blimey! Talk about comprehensive, everything you ever needed to know about the
scene. The what’s rattlin’ newsletter seems to do the trick nicely, so, with
due deference to that page here we are! Ork Alarm! # 26 – An Irregular Bulletin
for Zeuhl Fanatics. A “Zeuhl” diary. A retrospective look back over
the last few years but also keeping the Zeuhl fan updated on current news. Any
suggestions, additions, information, urges to write articles etc. leave a
comment here and Feel free to send
me your own ramblings and I’ll add them.

On second thoughts It looks like being quite a long page! Perhaps a little
segmentation might not go amiss.

Ork Alarm! XP (so close)

BLAST …. no not the group, the exclamation. What a time to buy a new
computer! Apparently Linux is the number one operating system on Kobaïa.
Blast the Blaster Worm! If you haven’t been infected by this latest virus then
… you probably have! I get my brand spanking new bells and whistles XP 750i
(with overhead conshafts and fool injection) and “BOSCH!” …. the
blaster worm virus. Just by connecting to the internet? I told the guy at the
helpdesk he was pulling my plonker! Obviously he had no understanding of how
viruses are only spread by opening attachments. he’d had a hard day as he just
kept repeating the same words over and over again. “Contact your Computer
supplier” and “Anti Virus software”. I told him, I’d only just
got the bloody thing out of the packet! Moi? A virus? Don’t make me laugh ….
Turns out he was right.

Which brings me to my point. Ork Alarm! is currently being written on a Celeron
400 laptop (Windows Me, thankfully) that has somehow defaulted to a screen resolution
of 800 by 600. Try as hard as I can, I can’t return it to it’s original state.
So, the visual layout of Ork Alarm! is fine at this resolution but who knows
what it looks like at a higher one. My 750i keeps rebooting. Why can’t these
people find a sensible hobby? Start with Euthanasia perhaps, and work up. If
I had that much skill I’d build a spaceship, tell Bill Gates where he was going
wrong, then bugger off to another Planet. Or something.

“Superglued” into my CD player at the moment:
Patricia Dallio – Procession
Potemkine – Triton
Francois Thollot – Ceux d’en Face
Art Zoyd – Ubique
Simon Steensland – Zombie Hunter
Christian Vander – Les Cygnes et Corbeaux
Albert Marcoeur – Ma Vie avec Elles
Weather Report – Mysterious Traveller (Nubian Dancer)
National Health – Of Queues and Cures
Obviously goes without saying, all Seventh Products are “Soldered”

Kobaïan News

Magma / Offering Band Member History

I know it’s the closet librarian in me trying to get out but I’d really like
to keep two articles bang up to date and as accurate as possible. Hopefully
you can help me. The Magma on Tour section is always open to revision and additions
and the article that was originally included in Issue # 22 Magma
- The Formations has gone through a few changes recently and is not now
presented in it’s original state (I’ve added Studio Recorded Lineups in red
and started to work on compiling the recent formations even though some of these
were the Offering years, Oh! and by the way there are gaping holes in it! Help!!).
Peter Thelen of Exposé
Magazine (brilliant Prog Rock Magazine and Website) has an updated List
(up to 1995 anyway) and it has some differences compared to Paul Mummery’s original.
I contacted “The Lighthouse Keeper” about this and he told me.

“I used the Ork Alarm wall chart as the basis for mine, but I got some
help/corrections from Klaus Blasquiz and Francis Grosse and one other Musea
guy. Mine should be about 98% = the ork alarm one… basically I just formatted
it differently and concentrated on Magma only, as you recall the ork chart traces
other members’ bands after they left Magma, like Zao, Paga, etc.”

It’s an interesting comparison but there seems to be some conflicting information.
Judge for yourselves. I don’t want to blindly go ahead and merge the two as
any errors may then be compounded and would serve no purpose as an attempt at
a definitive history. I’ve contacted Stella Vander and obviously there is no
written record at Seventh HQ on this subject. She tells me that Christian is
pretty good when it comes to this kind of memory test but I’m loathe to go any
further. I’ve got a reputation for being boring as it is, I don’t want to compound
the situation. No, I think this is probably a fan thing and something an artist
would, understandably, run the millions of miles required to reach Kobaïa
in order to avoid even contemplating. On the other hand, begging sometimes works!
Many Thanks to Naotsugu ITO from Japan for his recent additions and help.

The [Magma Web Press Book has superceeded this!]

Recent (ish!) Releases


If the vocal aspect of Offering and Les Cygnes et Corbeaux engaged your ears then perhaps
you should consider AD VITAM. They have two CD’s available. Their first CD Featured
sees JAD AYACHE in command, this time joined by ISABELL FEUILLEBOIS, JULIE VANDER
and CLAUDE LAMAMY check out Le Triton Website for info and sound files (in French). Alternatively you can
read Musea Records’ review of their Second CD “Là Où Va Le Vent” (in English). Apparently you can
but the CD in French or English. Check out the “Links” link opposite
for a Mail Order shop in your area.


On the other Zeuhl foot (so to speak) are ONE SHOT. The growling Bass Guitar of PHILIPPE
BUSSONNET whips up a frenzy with fellow Magma members JAMES MacGAW and EMANUELLE
BORGHI. DANIEL JEAND’HEUR brings his Drum kit to the party and the music can
best be descibed as …. Fusion / Zeuhl (wonder what that is?!) Their brilliant
second CD “Vendredi 13″ is your “suck it and see” starting
place and after that, you’re on your own. You’re big boys and girls now.

Here are some reviews from the excellent Exposé
, subscribe today!

First CD (1999)

one_shotEmmanuel BORGHI (keyboardss), Philippe BUSSONNET (bass) and James MacGAW (guitars) are members of the current MAGMA lineup. Here they are joined by Daniel JEAND’HEUR (drums) on a romp through jazz-rock improv-land. The playing is very tight, this is one of fine tuned machine that can drive on the hard-fusion road just as easily as they do on the more cerebral jazz path, sometimes switching between the two extremes in a matter of seconds, very naturally and effortlessly. Despite the pedigrees of BORGHI and BUSSONNET, do not expect MAGMA or Zeuhl, there is little evidence of it here. The inclination here seems more toward a 70′s American-styled fusion rather than the more typicallly more delicate French variety, some reference points being ZAPPA, Billy COBHAM, Miles DAVIS, and the Jeff BECK group. BORGHI’s preferred keyboard is the mighty Fender Rhodes, which along with JEAND’HEUR’s adept drumming establishes the general flavor on most of the tracks ; MacGAW’s guitar attack is fast, assertive and incisive, being primarily a soloist, while BUSSONNET ties it all together. Five of the seven tracks here break the nine minutes mark, giving ample room to stretch out and make their case. Energetic fusion of the highest order.

Peter THELEN – Exposé 19 (May 2000)

One Shot : “Vendredi 13″ (Soleil 06, 2001, CD)

oneshotAnyone who has seen Magma play recently has seen three of the four members of One Shot. The leader of the band is Emmanual Borghi on keyboards, and his compatriots are James MacGaw on guitar and Philippe Bussonnet on bass. Drummer Daniel Jeand’heur has some very large shoes to fill, and he wisely plays in a lighter, jazzier style that avoids the inevitable comparisons to the intensity of Vander.

This five track CD was recorded live in France on April 13 (hence the title) and it features a band in the process of developing their own identity. Clearly there are Zeuhl aspects to the music, especially in the throbbing bass lines and repeating keyboard patterns (all of the tunes are written by Borghi and Bussonnet by the way). The tracks have a somewhat loose, organic, and improvised sound about them and there are many extended solos. MacGaw’s guitar work is quite inspired and it provides some real highlights when the tracks build to a climax. The electric piano is used more in a supporting role than as a solo vehicle, but it functions effectively in setting the atmosphere.

Overall this is a talented group of players but they are still finding their own compositional voice.

David Ashcraft (Expose – Issue 23 – December 2001)

One Shot : “Vendredi 13″ (Soleil 06, 2001, CD)

Get in line, put down your money and get yer Zeuhl fix right here. Satisfaction guaranteed. One Shot, featuring Emmanuel Boghi, keyboards, James Mac Graw, guitar, and Philippe Bussonnet, bass, all members of the 90s Magma line-up, plus drummer Daniel Jeand’heur, churn out instrumental Magmoidisms that will excite and give great satisfaction to all those who love the legendary French group which spawned Zeuhl music.

The music derives from Magma’s Udu Wüdü period with all of the requisite sounds, style, gestures and more. The opening track features the band riffing on motifs which are inspired by “Zombies”. Borghi favors the Fender Rhodes electric piano with fat, juicy and weird harmonies, nervous figuration and erratic rhythms. The heavy vibrato and upper register synthesizer of “Blue Bug” is reminiscent of the Moog line at scattered throughout “Troller Tanz”. Bussonnet has captured the sound and spirit of Jannick Top and Bernard Paganotti. His work is spotlighted throughout in “No.” While it does not focus on virtuoso technique, Bussonnet showcases are more trebly and brittle sound than that of either Top or Paganotti, though when he rips into his instruments, he elicits that famous and devastating buzzing sound that is the calling card of Magmoid bassists. “In a Wild Way” features a tasty bass part that features little strummed chords, as if played on rhythm guitar, and a wah-wah pedal, breaking a bit from tradition. Also, the tune breaks into a straight ahead jazz fusion passage and even moves into a funk groove, but one with that wonderfully weird Zeuhl component.

Additionally, while Magma only occasionally included guitarists, Mac Graw’s guitar is in keeping the style and specter of those few guitarists; think of the guitar workby Gabriel Federow on Magma’s live albums. He is a remarkable virtuoso and often playing front and center. While Jeand’heur does not quite imitate Vander’s sound and style, his playing fits in perfectly, full of fire and explosive power. The kicker is that this is a live recording and One Shot proves to be one tight and overpowering group. Stunning!

Dean Suzuki (Expose – Issue 23 – December 2001)

One Shot : Vendredi 13 (Soleil 06, 2001, CD)

While this current Magma line-up offshoot began their side career with a fusion album that barely hinted at their Zeuhl progenitors, the quartet of Emmanuel Borghi, James MacGaw, Philippe Bussonnet and Daniel Jeand’heur have come full circle here on their follow up, entitled Friday 13.

This is definitive Zeuhl music – the growling bass, angular melodies and sprinklings of diminished and augmented electric piano chords. While you could name a lot of comparisons to this album such as Potemkine, and of course, instrumental Magma, the album this piece reminds me of the most is the first album by the similarly inclined Eider Stellaire, although with less compositional restriction.

Vendredi 13 was recorded live on that date in April 2001 and features the tremendous playing you would expect from musicians who accompany Vander. The music grooves darkly, with a lot of space for guitar and e-piano solos, and it sounds nicely free, with 4 out of the 6 pieces timing at over ten minutes. The particular stand out here is MacGaw’s guitar playing, and he is given the room to improvise some outstanding solos.

All in all, an excellent set of Zeuhlish jazz rock and a no brainer for the fan.

Mike McLatchey (Expose – Issue 23 – December 2001)

Visit the Exposé Website to subscribe to this brilliant Prog Rock Quarterly

UTOPIC returns!


The short lived Utopic website is back online [now defunct]. From the Label that dropped a bombshell on Magma fans,
4 CD’s worth of previously unreleased material from the 74-76 VANDER/TOP era
plus FUSION live in Paris 1980 and also a CD of Jannick Top’s own group STS,
comes the promise of ….. well I’m not too sure as the English version is a
bit vague, possibly a translation problem. (Have you ever tried an online translation
site?, they’re great fun especially if you’re life doesn’t depend on understanding
the original) Anyway Utopic is promising to answer questions? Questions that
have remained unanswered. You know the type. JANNICK TOP also has an Official
website that is of interest and has a clip of a track called HEKAL, which I
assume is from one of his soundtrack efforts (?) and is worth a listen.


The Japanese
are really taking this reissue thing to the nth degree. Following the 3 CD’s
that were re-mastered in super dooper 73 bit digital dolby surround sound, which
I imagine weren’t to Seventh Records liking, Disc
a Japanese equivalent of VIRGIN / FNAC have officially put the boot
in! The Mother of all Box Sets is available, at the giveaway price of $330 (approx),
although only over the counter and not apparently via Mail Order.


Naotsugu Ito, who was asked by Disc Union to write the liner notes for Merci
sent me this info:

Possibly to counter the threat of “semi-bootlegged” material Seventh
have allowed Disc Union to produce their own packaging and sell Seventh Product
(pressed in France) through their chain of shops. The result seems to be that
you can buy any of the CD’s individually but also produced is a superb Box Set
holding 12, yes 12 CD’s Also included in the box set? Alternative covers for
some of the titles. One was recently up for grabs on ebay at $500 (including
the 5 alternative covers: see below) then after no takers $450 probably still
no takers! It’s a lot to pay for some cardboard packaging albeit impressive
cardboard packaging. For completists only.

Naotugu Ito told me:

“All the official Magma CDs are reissued with paper sleeves (mini size LP) divided into 3 terms:

1st 4 items (Magma, 1001 Centigrades, Mekanïk, Köhntarkösz… ) were released at the end of last year.
Next 4 (Wurdah Ïtah, Udu Wüdü, Attahk, Merci) this spring.
The last 4 (Live/Hhai, Inedits, Retrospectiw III, Retrospektiw I/II) at the beginning of July. Disk Union supplies a jewel box (a box for all 12 items).
A person who buys all 12 can get the box at the Disk Union counter. I’m not
sure that the CDs are a limited edition, but the box is limited (although a
completist can get it free).[?? Really Ed.]
The CD’s themselves are exactly same as the Seventh pressing No re-mix, no re-mastering,
no bonus track.”
(Stella Vander confirmed that they buy the CD’s from Seventh).


Seventh Records
have released the OFFERING BOX SET which contains all four studio releases plus
one additional track “Out of this world” (32:00). An essential offering from
Offering, offering the completist the chance to go one track in front of your
average Zeuhl collector! It would be interesting to see Seventh’s sales figures
on an item like this as obviously it will appeal to a lesser audience than normal,
however this reissue does beg question “Is this the end of Offering?”

Surely, with the critical acclaim that the reincarnation of Magma have received,
at the very least, has Christian shelved Offering in favour of a return to Kobaïa?
As has been mentioned at various concerts recently, it is Magma’s intention
to record a studio version of KA and centre an album around it, looking further
ahead, what then? :-) Perhaps the answer lies in a snippet of info supplied
by American Magma fan and administrator of the Köhntarkösz blog Marc Adler:

“A few months ago, Christian Vander advertised on one of the Magma websites that he was searching for an old model Teac Reel-to-Reel tape recorder”.

Perhaps Christian has stumbled upon some new/old material.

1972 is a sadly under-recorded time in Magma history, and a time when they
were evolving into their MDK period. Could it be possible that Christian Vander
has some archived material that he is considering releasing. We all know how
he likes to sit on some of the best Magma archives…. but it would be nice
to see AKT hit XX, wouldn’t it?”


Stone the Crows!

VANDER – LES CYGNES ET CORBEAUX – has been out for a while now, so this is hardly
an Ork Alarm! exclusive. Should you want to read what other fans have to say
about the CD, then visit the official
Magma Web Press Book
which is hosted by Robert Guillerault. What more could
a boy want from a football magazine than this? What a Website! Up to date news
on Who, What, Where and When. A Year by Year account of Magma / Offering in
the Music Press (sadly, many articles reprinted only in French). Between this
and the original Ork Alarm Fanzine there can’t have been many articles that
slipped through unnoticed. The latest Christian Vander interview is reprinted
with permission from Modern Drummer Magazine.

If this website doesn’t inspire you, then I’m a Rolling Stones fan.

He’s got a ticket

Something I posted a while back to the Avant-Progressive list:

In February 2001 (at least I think it was) Magma were in concert at the Royal
Festival Hall – London. Although not a Magma fan, my Brother-in-law came along
for the experience and alcohol. There he met one of his all time heros.

Sitting at the bar, waiting for the concert to begin was Sir Paul MaCartney
(the one who did all the Prog-Rock stuff with Wings etc.) To everyone’s amazement
it seemed he had come to watch Magma! Obviously all the Magma fans kept their
distance. Firstly this was England, secondly Magma fans had their reputation
to think about and thirdly he was with his wife to be, Heather.

Somewhere along the way my Brother-in-law went to the Toilet / Washroom and
bumped into Sir Paul. Just the two of them. By this time he was half drunk (not
Sir P.) and proceeded to ask him if he was there to see Magma. The reply was,
as far as my Brother-in-law (BIL) can remember very positive. As he started
to urinate over his shoes BIL was asked back whether he had ever seen Magma
before, when he mumbled no, he was told that they were a great band and that
he was in for a treat. Sir P. wasn’t seen at the end of the gig and rumour had
it that Heather wasn’t too enthusiastic about her night out, even though she
was spotted with a Brandy and Babycham in her hand!

Theusz Hamtaahk can bring on severe headaches sometimes. I’m not too sure how
much Sir P. witnessed or how much he knew of Magma but I assume that somewhere
down the line, paths may have crossed? It reminded me of an article that I read
once about Magma in a 70′s UK music magazine. The last line was “Whatever you
do, don’t take your girlfriend to a Magma concert!” Magma were fantastic, as
usual, but not as fantastic as they are now. I was lucky enough to witness them
recently at the QEH – Festival Hall – London and I think that they have surpassed
themselves. The new masterpiece KA is taking shape into, how can I put it …
a Masterpiece, and the Encore is so uplifting. Prepare yourselves for Progfest
2003? or wherever they are appearing soon in the USA. It is not to be missed.
Just don’t expect Michael Douglas and the Welsh Bird to be there!

Ebay – A Zeuhl fan’s best friend


If I ever get a dog I’m going to call it “Ebay”, The Electronic Auction
House has helped unearth a previously unknown (to Ork Alarm! at least Argentinian
Pressed Issue of the LP Köhntarkösz. (A&M 8103) – Tracks are Köhntarkösz (Primera Parte), La Alarma
Ork, Köhntarkösz (Segunda Parte), Coltrane Sündïa. The Cover
is the same design albeit a bit flimsy and track 2 makes for interesting reading:

“El pueb’o de ORK marchando sobre nosotros.
El pueb’o esta hecho de un indescriptible material que es a las máquinas
lo que las máquinas son al hombre.
La alarma sonó… la ALARMA ORK!
El pueblo de ZEUHL WORTZ está preparado para la batalla.”

It’s a familiar story the world over. Man meets woman, falls in love, falls
out of love, has fight with mates for entertainment, leaves wife and kids for
another planet. Or was that another LP?

I wonder if they ever released the Mekanïk Machine Single in the land of the Left Handed Footballer?
Why Argentina? What about Brazil? Are there any more still to surface?

The Grand Rio Connection



“PATRICIA DALLIO has a new CD out “L’encre des voix secrètes” which hit all the major High Street shops on the 20th August and immediately sold out! Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s and Wallmart are re-ordering to cope with heavy demand”.

“Carlsberg don’t usually broadcast Newsflashes but if they did … they’d be the best Newsflashes in the world”

OK, back to the real world, Yes Patricia Dallio “L’encre Des voix secrètes” is available for Euros 20 which includes postage from Sound Track [now defunkt] Obviously no reviews out as yet but here’s some information about Sound Track:

“We are a French association and our purpose is the promotion of experienced contemporary composers with a view to working with the “Visual arts world” i.e.: Choreographers, Painters, Film directors, Web designers etc.
We are a 20 strong creation team and we occasionally meet to build on common projects.
Often Art directors contact us to source composers who can write for their spectacle, then we present our team. Over the last 10 years with this purpose in mind we have created a “mini CD catalog” that showcases the composers of the association. We intend to replicate this project using DVD to be able to show the work of the visual creators that are also part of our team.
Cyril Dumontet (conservative of museum of contemporary art) and Patricia Dallio (musician, composer) are at the centre of the project.
We have a lot of difficulty attracting funding here in France and it is for this reason Patricia Dallio gives part of the profits from her CD sales because she thinks that Sound Track is really a good way to meet people and make quality projects. This is very important to her.

The artists in this association are always busy because of the quality of their work and experience. They concentrate on their creations, projects, concerts and performances. So we also have some volunteers that help the association to exist.
I am the secretary and I handle the CD orders and am always at your disposal to answer questions concerning sales.
For questions concerning the actual content of the CD’s it is better to go directly to the Patricia Dallio website.
Many Thanks
Caroline (Sound track)”


Do Art Zoyd ever do Colour?

OK, This dropped through my letterbox a few days ago. Unfortunately my pet Rottweiler was asleep behind the front door at the time and he ripped it to shreds in a frenzied attack, annoyed at being woken from his slumber. I’ve stuck it back together again as best I could. Hope you can make some sense out of it.

"Metropolis" Brigitte Helm

Metropolis/Art Zoyd

LAUSANNE Mercredi 10 septembre 2003 à 20H30
MAD (moulin à danses)
Rue de Genève
“Association La fête du cinéma” , contact (00) 41 21 312 37 32

Metropolis de Fritz Lang est le quatrième film-concert d’Art Zoyd après Nosferatu et Faust de Murnau, Häxan de Christensen. Gérard Hourbette a choisi cette fois de superposer en quasi permanence deux, trois, voire quatre ou cinq musiques, que ce soient les siennes, celles de Patricia Dallio ou de Kasper Toeplitz. Chacune d’elle lutte contre l’autre, se marie, émerge, disparaît ou se confond en l’autre, le tout comme dans un immense maelström, mais aussi comme au cinéma : parfois premier ou second plan, horizon ou filigrane, comme une gigantesque fête foraine où les sons, les bruits et les musiques s’amoncellent, s’aliènent et finissent par créer une troisième musique, UN troisième espace, une troisième symphonie.
Yukari Bertochi-Hamada : clavier, samplers
Patricia Dallio : clavier, samplers
Jérôme Soudan “Mimétic” : Percussions, pads, samplers
Didier Casamitjana : Percussions, pads, samplers
Compositions : Gérard Hourbette, Kasper Toeplitz, Patricia Dallio
Contact : Monique Vialadieu 03 27 64 74 33
Visit : Artzoyd.com

It’s the best I could do, sorry! However the great thing about me regurgitating this wonderful “French” Spam is that we get a chance to visit a brilliant Website devoted to plugging women into electrical contraptions…. No sorry, Art Zoyd. If you are not aware of the music of Art Zoyd then brace yourself, very much like Maria is doing above!

My introduction was on the advice of Andy Garibaldi of CD Services (UK based mail order). Andy is a big Magma fan and I’ve always found his recommendations to be right up my alley until ….. Nosferatu, Art Zoyd’s soundtrack to Murnau’s Vampire Classic (see issuses 23 and 24 of Ork Alarm!) This was eagerly awaited, especially after Andy’s big build up. Nosferatu was my “starter for ten”. And after that ….. The World! However things didn’t according to plan. In a nutshell, I thought it was the biggest pile of dog turd I’d ever had the misfortune to hand over hard earned cash for. It certainly wasn’t Magma style, actually I wasn’t sure it was Music. OK, I wasn’t aware at the time that it was a “soundtrack”, but even so it was filed under B for “bin”.

I haven’t a clue what possessed me to play it again (possibly reading back issues of Ork Alarm!) but I’m glad I did. Art Zoyd don’t do colour Films and I don’t do reviews, I’ve tried them. I sit there in front of the screen and two hours later it’s still blank. All I’d say is if you are looking for something off the beaten track, or possibly Richter Scale, then look no further. Whether it’s Zeuhl is another matter entirely, although earlier Art Zoyd ensembles were intertwined with Univers Zero and Daniel Denis, who of course once brushed past Christian Vander in a pub and part of his left shoulder turned Zeuhl overnight. I digress, I’m delighted I did return to Nosferatu and then take the plunge further,. Berlin, Faust, Haxan, Ubique, I’m working my way slowly towards the early years at the moment (any recommendations?) and of course Patricia Dallio, Art Zoyd band member and my current Heroine. I just love “Procession” (see Ork! Update 13) and I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on her new one. As Eddie Charlton (Australian Snooker Player) once said, concerning his all time favourite singer, Barbara Striesand …. “If she had a crap in the middle of the road, I’d sit by it all night long!” (he had such a way with words) OK, I’m not sure I’d go that far, but for me, Patricia, and for that matter Art Zoyd can do no Wrong.

Gateway to the Stars

I recently read in a computer magazine an article stating that with the latest generation of software, there was no excuse for anyone not having their own personal Website. Now that is bollocks! Read my lips. “Content, Content, Content” Ork Alarm! Issues 1 to 25 had it, The Magma Web Press book has it, but there’s an awful lot of poo out there! (as Eddie would have said)

I think the “Zeuhl Gateway” idea has many merits. A “Zeuhl” filter! Yes! Chaff and Wheat and Shit. Yeah, you got the idea? (I’m just filling up the page) If you know any relevant sites, then drop me a line. Also this takes the heat off me having to deliver original copy.

Here are a few Art Zoyd links, as if you didn’t know them!
Art Zoyd [link to fan website now defukt]- This has a medium chaff rating but is worth a visit especially as you get to E-mail the “Zoydmaster”
Silent Cries [now defunkt] – This is more like it! Where else can you find Art Zoyd and Kate Bush articles on the same site? The Patricia Dallio link has been sabotaged, possibly by Kate. (Interesting fact: Tony Meo (Snooker Player) went to same school as Miss Bush).
Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive rock – Wow! (overused word, I know) Check this little site out and I’ll see you back at Ork Alarm! in a couple of Months time.
Ground and Sky – Scraping the barrel a bit here but there is some Art Zoyd info and an updated review page on “Mekanïk Kommandöh “, which was nice. This is also an excellent Prog Rock Review Encyclopedia
Opposition de Phase – Avant-rock, prog, impro, concrète… toutes les musiques nouvelles et inventureuses! Bloody annoying Pop-up ad mate! However, right up your alley and a Radio Station to boot?! Well on 99.83654FM if you live within a 7 Iron and three putts from number 14 Lille High Street.
Rock in Opposition – et dérivés, avant-prog, avant-rock, et autres musiques progressives et nouvelles – Seems to be related to the site above but can obviously afford to do away with the Webspace Provider adverts. This looks great apart from one small problem, I can’t read French very well. Discuss: Is it an advantage listening to music in a Foreign Language, in as much as you cannot be put off by the words. Would I like the Albert Marcoeur tracks on Ma Vie avec Elles as much if they were in English? Is Pavarotti talking Bollocks? Would an English version of Carmina Burana make you cringe? Great article in there somewhere? Fancy taking it on? drop me a line!

A Hard Quest


My Ten year old son loves “Toujours plus à l’est” – Univers Zero (Crawling Wind CD) Cuneiform Records He doesn’t know it yet, but after I’ve forced him to listen to it (on the “School Run”) a few times, he’ll be begging me to stick it on a CDR for him – He’s already got Simon Steensland, Weather Report, Cygnes… , Herbie Hancock, A Tous Les Enfant, and I’ve got him trying to follow the beat in “Ubique”. It’ll teach him to play me S Club 7! Wait until Andy Kirk’s Synth kicks in! He was listening to Mekanïk Kommandöh whilst watching my online Poker skills take a bashing online and asked me who the guy with the crappy voice was? He openly admits to prefering “a Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut” Don’t worry, I’ll force him to listen to “Ima suri dondai” MDK version and that’ll be that sorted!

Anyway, where was this leading? …. Ah! Univers Zero, now there’s a band, but where’s the official website? Am I missing something? There’s a dated effort [link now defunkt] which is good nonetheless (this also contains a hidden game! thanks Totalzoo! Try to escape from the Hard Quest [poorly designed site] …. Great isn’t it?)

I knew there was a reason we pay our license fee here in the UK. Good old Auntie Beeb (a.k.a. BBC), I thought they played Kylie and stuff, where have I been hiding? A review of Rhythmix by Bill Tilland and a Cuneiform link. What would Paul Mummery. have made of this???

The Perfect Sound website – “The online music magazine with warped perspectives since 1993″ carries a 1996 interview with Daniel Denis which was originally published in Drummer Dude magazine. Clicking back to their home page promises a … warped ride at the very least.

All Present and Correct?


I have a 12 year old son as well, he’s a bit more Guns’n'Roses than the sophistication of the 10 year old, but proof that brainwashing is alive and well in the democratic West, can be seen by looking in the rear view mirror of my “Beamer” and watching a 12 year old kid merriliy head banging away to the strains of Pierre Chevalier’s “Strychnine for Christmas” from the latest Present CD “High Infidelity”. It’s a change from this bloody Minimum Vital track I accidentally played him and it’s also a label change for Present who were on the Cuneifom label but cross the Atlantic to Carbon 7 Records of Belguim.
From the people that gave us the “Hard Quest” interactive game comes another website and it has no Britneys*. Talk about up to the minute, this official Present website has the 2004 band members included already! Haven’t checked out any of the games yet. Also visit the official website of Dave Kerman from U TOTEM, 5 UU’s, BLAST, THINKING PLAGUE and PRESENT fame.

* From the New Oxford Dictionary of English 2003 Cockney Edition:
Britney Spears
Of the same status
2. Without
Britneys – Unrivalled, without equal.
see also – Peers

Arkham (like Beckham)


Well, OK it’ll never make a film title but I thought it might help from a search engine perspective! Currently sitting here in this backwater, you don’t get a lot of stray.

Arkham are one of the lost legends of early 70′s European progressive rock. They were formed in Bruxelles in 1970 by keyboardist Jean-Luc Manderlier & drummer Daniel Denis, along with a bassist. They were probably the most popular progressive rock band in Belgium during their lifetime, playing numerous gigs & festivals, but the band eventually broke up in 1972, when Christian Vander invited Daniel & Jean-Luc to join Magma. Jean-Luc stayed for some time, performing on their Mekanïk Destructïw Kommandöh album, while Daniel only stayed a short while, before eventually returning to Belgium and eventually founding Univers Zero. An all instrumental trio/quartet (late in the band’s life, they added electric flugelhornist Claude Deron), their sound was comparable to an original, continental take on Canterbury style bands such as Soft Machine, Egg & Caravan. Despite their popularity & influence, due to their early demise no recordings have ever been released until now! Includes an 8 page booklet with astounding period photos & a short history of the band written by Daniel & Jean-Luc. Note that while these tapes have been carefully remastered from concerts & rehearsals from over 30 years ago, they are not up to modern day recording standards.

Visit – Cuneiform Records – To buy this CD

Friends and Relatives

A Growing Umbrella?

What is “Zeuhl Music”?

If you don’t already subscribe to the Avant-Progressive list, then check it out. [This has been superceeded by the Facebook] page. Plenty of “Zeuhl” related postings and much more. There’s been a great thread on the subject of what is “Zeuhl” recently and as usual when people start to give their opinions … check out digest # 1139 as an example. Nothing rude or overheated as this is a well run list, the moderator being Steve Feigenbaum of Wayside / Cuneiform records fame. He runs a tight ship, thankfully!

I haven’t got a clue what “Zeuhl” music is or isn’t. I’m aware that Artists in general don’t like to be pigeonholed, so I suppose “Zeuhl Artists” are no different (or should that be “Artists”) Anyway, where would us fans be without pigeonholing. It’s a great sport! It tell us what to buy. We wouldn’t have a clue otherwise. The “one man’s meat .. poison” philosophy still applies though, even under the “Zeuhl umbrella”, so there’ll always be discrepancies and dislikes. Reading between the lines of Ork Alarm! # 1 – 25, some fans seemed to consider the playing style of the Bass Guitar to be the catalyst in creating Zeuhl music, and that Offering ceased to produce that ingredient. I wonder how Christian Vander views the fans idea of “Zeuhl”. However, Vocals seem so much a part of Magma and Offering it could be argued that any purely instrumental piece is also lacking a “Zeuhl” ingredient. Discuss in not more than your own words.

Can anything, other than the works of Magma and Christian Vander, ever be considered “Zeuhl” music? Did the likes of Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, Zao, Potemkine, Eskaton etc. ever consider themselves “Zeuhl” artists? I doubt that UZ and Art Zoyd do now, but what about Francçois Thollot? Recently he’s been touted as the new Zeuhl discovery on the scene. Can’t find a lot on the web in the way of interviews with him though. Let’s get real, who really cares how the artists consider themselves. It’s us, the fans, that count! :-) If you haven’t picked up his two CD’s already, then you’re in for a treat, Zeuhl or no Zeuhl.

So, what to include in Ork Alarm! # 26? I suppose chucking it all in the melting pot and keep stirring is as good as anything? But what about recommendations. Should Ork Alarm be a musical Barometer al la Gnosis? Now there’s a website! I think!? Well, we could have a ratings section (notice I said “we”, I’m not taking any flak!) but it may end up a right old fart on. (a.k.a. pain in the neck. There is an attempt to rate and catalogue “Zeuhl” releases on this dated but excellent Magma website [now defunkt] run by Jerome Schmidt & Jeremy Huylebroeck’s. But even if you personally agree with their judgement, we’re still back to that meat and poison thingy again.

This is the first Ork Alarm! I’ve orchestrated and I’m already fed up typing the Z word!

I have started to scour the web and harvest relevant articles to include in the style that Ork Alarm! readers were accustomed to, but then I thought what’s the point? All I really need to do is whack a link to that site and “Jannick’s your Auntie”! It gets around any copyright problems and makes Ork Alarm! more manageable and a true “Zeuhl” Internet Gateway. On the down side, bang! the dreaded 404 error message and your link’s history. On reflection, I think the melting pot philosophy with a large dose of “back up plagurising” will fit the bill and we’ll see how the Auntie thing works out.

Music you may never have known existed

Meidad Zaharia who runs Mio Records in Israel points us in the direction of two artists to check out.



Biography and Ultimatum CD

“Mosaic was formed by the Brebion brothers (Hubert drums and Yves Guitars, keyboards and vocals ). Around 1974 soon rejoined by Jean-Yves Escoffier « Jye Esko » ( Keyboards and guitars) The sound engineer was very important too : A friend and a critic listener of each concert, his name is Didier Salaun. The band used to have many bass players. Philippe Lemongne as « P.L.M.G » was the bass player who played on the album. Others musicians played with the band such as Valentin Bontchev, the « Mad » Violonist, Christophe … X …on saxophone… and many others…The musicians were inspired by artists like : Jimi Hendrix, and later progressive Rock groups like Soft Machine, Hatfield and the North, Henry Cow, King Crimson, Magma, Gong… And many other French progressive groups…

Mosaic performed a lot on concerts and festivals during the four years they were active in (1974 – 1978). In 1977, they decided to record a demo Cassette named « Cuvée 77 » for promotion activities. The tape offered two tracks recorded in a studio featuring Valentin Bontchev on violin, And 2 extracts « Live Mosaïc » at Nilvange and Corbeil Essonne ( France ). Both were live improvisations who shows the virtuosity of the band members and their true talent.


In 1978, the band decided to record an album and so, they recorded at studio « Pense-folie » in the South of Paris their sole album: « Ultimatum ». The album was produced by the ‘Mosaïc association Ekimoz’ as a private pressing album. Collectors all over the world are willing to pay a lot to lay their hands on this cult album. Few months after the LP release the group splited. The last concert was at the end Of 1978.

Mosaic is a part of what is known as « French Avant garde & progressive Rock music » with a strong taste for complex, experimental, adventurous, agressive and delirious music using musical violence, vocal paroxysm, Committing itself to refined musical developements which include some frantic and frenzied guitar, Bass, violin, drums and keyboard parts.

The CD is planned to include the classic and very rare album from 1978 plus music from the 1977 cassette «Cuvée 77» and more! MIO Records is proud to release this classic lost MASTERPIECE for the first time on CD!

Many thanks to Yves & Hubert Brebion for their co-operation and to all other Mosaic Family who recorded this treasure!
Special thanks goes to Alain Lebon & Dimitris Thomas without whom this reissue wasn’t possible!!!”

Jean Cohen-Solal


Biography and CD Flute Libres / Captain Tathopom (Mio Records)

Jean Cohen-Solal was born in 1946. From 1956 to 1963 he had musical studies with the national academy from Nimes. His major was the Flute but he also learned the double bass. He also made studies of counterpoint, harmony, chamber music & orchestrations. From 1963 to 1966 he attended the academy of Versailles with Cazauran stone in the double bass roll, the flute roll with Roger Bourdin and Gaston Crunelle and with the CNSM of Paris.
In 1965 Jean made musical cooperated with the GRM (Group of Musical Research of the ORTF). From 1966 to 1973 he made a series “the shadoks” by Jacques Rouxel: creation of the voice “shadok”, sound effects, assistant and interprets musical. In 1969 Jean was a prize winner with the international contest of flute of Montreux (Swiss). He also won the prize with the international contest of chamber music of Colmar. From 1970 to 1989 He was a teacher of the flute in Paris area (academies and workshops). Jean’s history as musician is really long and fascinated both as theatre & film composer.


In 1971, Jean released his first solo album “Flute Libres” and in 1973 “Captain Tarthopom”. Those two albums are considered as MASTERPIECES among Progressive Rock collectors all over the world. The first album is build from three short compositions in side A which are really interesting and catchy in a way. This includes the Indian Raga (Sitar/Tabla & Flute) which is really one of the most exciting meetings between East & West cultures. Side B of this album is a 17 minutes epic which is pure research of sounds where Jean is experimenting in a way which sounds like early Tangerine Dream. Jean had it’s own style with the flute which was a mix between classical and Jazz to Avant-Garde. His method consists among others the use of multiple tracks for different flutes and also the added value of effects like distortion/ wha wha etc…
He also played the double bass in a very unique way which took his music into more dark atmospehres.

“Captain Tarthopom”, his most sought after was released in 1973. If we need to describe it in short then the best would be to say that this album is like a mix between Pink Floyd (Ummagumma era) , Magma & Focus (Or J.Tull). This was wrapped with GREAT Sense of Humor and a massive production with fantastic guest musicians.

Jean Cohen-Solal is a name which you can find in the famous Nurse With Wound list and it fits there as best as possible.
This is truly an artist which was anonymous outside of France and which deserves to sit among the most famous Progressive rock


“MIO Records is proud to release this classic lost GEM! The Release includes BOTH LP’s on one CD! Many thanks to Joseph Kopolovitch & Alain Lebon for their GREAT help in the release of this MASTERPIECE!”

(zeuhl in parts) The Mosaic CD is available hopefully in mid September. I assume that the Jean Cohen-Solal is already out. Hopefully I can twist his arm to review them? The Artists are all unknown to me but judging from Meidad’s input and postings on the Avant-Progressive list (see above) I’m sure that the artists will be, at the very least, interesting. Also recommended was a Box set by the Mexican band DECIBEL

Soleil Zeuhl


Already mentioned FRANÇOIS THOLLOT and his two CD’s both issued on Alain Lebon’s brilliant Soleil Zeuhl label, but there’s more … DÜN, ARCHAIA, POTEMKINE, ESKATON reissues etc. Get in there! ‘Ave em all! You really do need these releases if you are going to hold your head high as you walk into your local pub tomorrow. Otherwise people will be whispering behind your back “He’s not a real Zeuhl fan you know, he just found those goggles” And you wouldn’t want that now,would you? Even the Non Zeuhl item OLIVE MESS looks interesting.

Following the trend of François Thollot is fellow Frenchman FRANCK BALESTRACCI, who has brought all his own instruments to the Carbon 7 studio and produced his second CD “EXISTENCES INVISIBLES”, This is absolutely hot off the press! Well, March 2003 … Anyway, If it hadn’t been for Franck dropping me a line, I’d have been totally ignorant of this CD and also for that matter his first “Réflexions Futures” (November 1999). Judging by the sound file on the link above, it promises to be a stormer! Franck has his own website (see above above) but to give you a flavour of the French Drummer/Keyboardist. Here’s the blurb from Carbon 7:

franck_balestracci_existencesFranck BALESTRACCI plays all instruments, and did all programming and mixing.
So what is it? A discovery? A new trend?
For us, it is certainly a new musical path, a translation of today’s world into sounds. Sounds which suggest images, like a screenplay which tells a story of which you are at times the writer and at others the audience. Not a video-clip but a feature-length film. Your own film which depicts your questions, your doubts, your fears, but also your aspirations and your pleasures. A universe which opens onto vast horizons where there are still mysterious things waiting to be discovered. An audio-visual world where the visual part is yours.
Franck Balestracci is a multi-instrumentalist, but foremost a percussionist, and is the sole creator of this subtle work – a musical journey which infiltrates you delicately but steadily with each listening, revealing the degree of its creativity. The first impression is that of a music which flows without barriers, imperceptibly guiding the listener towards its esoteric dimensions.
With links to contemporary musical trends, the music is nevertheless impregnated with many currents rooted in the great composers. There are many influences and these emerge the more one listens. And sophisticated and erudite music is at the heart of the pieces, but they are orchestrated in such a way as to be imperceptible, allowing the general tone of the pieces to appear simple and accessible.
The title “Existences Invisibles” alludes to these internal musical strata. They are everywhere, often taking the form of subtle references, and in their own way describe the musical path and influences lived by Franck since his musical beginnings. A sort of homage to those who opened his ears.
The particularity of this work is also in its technical aspects. The mixture of real instruments with programming was done with the most basic techniques possible, with the aim of giving the priority to expression, and of keeping the impression of mystery which only a personal approach can communicate.
This music depicts a reassuring vision, that of a spirit at peace, but one which does not forget life’s trials. Aware of reality, and particularly that which musicians meet in a material world, Franck Balestracci’s music nevertheless modifies this reality, making us reflect and progress.
His music makes us aware of our future, of a dimension which we have to conquer, and breathes new life into the new musical generation. Peace and revolt are side by side, as if against the beauty of pastel colours in a painting, the main subject stands forth, powerful and inflexible.
A music for our time – hybrid and visual.”

Phew! I dunno about that all that Rodney, but it did have a certain “Jeux ne sans frontière” (for non UK based readers check out these Wheels!). Already ordered my copy. If we all do, this time next year Franck will be a “miwyionaire”!

By the Wayside – The Cuneiform Countdown

Steve Feigenbaum Wayside Records – gives Ork Alarm! his reviews, news and a few recommendations

machineandsyneregeticnutsMachine and the Synergetic Nuts-Machine and the Synergetic Nuts $16.00
This is an amazingly great first release by a previously completely unknown instrumental Japanese quartet (soprano and tenor sax, keyboards, bass and drums) with guests on guitar, percussion and vibraphone. How good is it? We got a sample CDR of it in as a demo and I immediately wanted to sign them for Cuneiform, but they had already made arrangements to release it themselves, so we arranged to become their US supplier.

This combines a typically Japanese avant progressive feel with jazz/rock. Their particular jazz rock style for some reason reminds me of the work of some of the great early German fusion bands of the early 1970′s: the first two Passport albums, Association PC, Embryo’s Brain releases, etc. with a definite helping of Canterbury dolloped on top! Anyway, this is a fantastic album of fusion/progressive that comes highly recommended!

From the Alibaba Records website come this info on the band:
At the end of ’97, Noriya (from Bic E) and Sudoh, who has left Melt Banana, got together to restart the band that they used to play together. Then Mahi-mahi joined, who is the sax player of Delusion Valley from Osaka, it turned out to be the beginning of a new born band. They have started working on the production of a demo tape whenever Mahi-mahi came to Tokyo for his shows for Delusion Valley or Shincho 2m, sparing separate time for the recording. After almost 6 months of time in June ’98, the demo tape has been completed and the name of the band has been renamed as Machine & the Synergetic Nuts, which time was the true start for the band. In November of the same year, the band had performed it’s first show with Hiroyuki Suzuki who has joined the band as a bass player, which format continues to be that of the band’s till present. In May ’00, the the band completed the first demo tape with this formation.

Future titles in stock from Wayside / Cuneiform are:

VORTEX -1975-1979 2 x CDs – Out now
UNIVERS ZERO – have their next release planned in May 2004 entitled Implosion ……….
GUAPO – Five Suns (great UK avant/zeuhl; mix classic Magma and Potemkine with a tincture of trance ala The Necks)
BLAST – Altra Strata (ReR)
THINKING PLAGUE-A History Of Madness (Sept, 2003)
MIRIODOR – new album (which will include contributions from Lars Hollmer)
THE MUFFINS – Double Negative (?)

Le Billionth Tour x2

Not sure how much of a look you gave to Le Triton website, but along with the new Ad Vitam CD comes another release to tempt Zeuhl followers:

Taken from the Wayside Records site:


This is a rather important and also rather unexpected reissue! VORTEX are an under-known and under-appreciated band who combined jazz rock with zeuhl and avant-progressive tendencies and recorded two rather rare albums in their lifetime (Vortex and Les Cycles De Thanatos).

The first album featured Fender piano, saxes, flute, bass and drums, while the second album eliminated the flute, added more reeds, as well as oboe, English horn, mallet percussion and more!

This CD includes both albums plus over 25′ of bonus material which has never before been released, as well as a history of the band in French & English, as well as many photos. “Les Cycles de Thanatos is a dark-sounding album integrating rock, jazz, and neoclassical elements. Probably the most dominant feature on the album is the dark brooding neoclassical rock, sounding not unlike Univers Zero or Art Zoyd. In addition, there are Zeuhl-ish jazz rock passages that remind me of Zao, Moving Gelatine Plates, instrumental Zappa, and Potemkine.
An excellent album of typical French avant-garde/underground music.”- Sjef Oellers – Gnosis

News from the Muse (a)

I assume that we’ve all heard of Musea Records – France? If not, before you start browsing and no doubt buying, go to the website, click on “Da Management” link and read the History and Interview pages.

Below are some possible future acquisitions for your collection:

shubniggurathnewSHUB NIGGURATH : “Testament” is the ultimate musical testimony of SHUB-NIGGURATH’s musical work, revealed in albums like “Les morts vont vite” or “C’étaient de très grands vents” (initially released by Musea). The band decided to release these last pieces, as an homage to one of the musicians, who recently died. It’s probably the most audacious and experimental pieces done by Shub Niggurath, in its last line up (bass/drums/guitar/trombone). This music may sometimes recall Univers Zero, Penderecki, Magma, the most experimental King Crimson, for its dark, oppressive, tortured atmospheres; but it’s definitely nothing else than Shub Niggurath, a real contemporary music and a musical experience for the listener. (Musea Review)

Coming soon from Musea that may be of interest are:

CD – ZAO – Live Ouest de la Grosne
DVD – NTSC – VITAL DUO – Le Jardin hors du Temps
Reissue CD – EDITION SPECIALE – Alaicante
Reissue CD – EDITION SPECIALE – Horizon Digital
Reissue CD – François BREANT – Voyeur Extralucide

Whilst talking to Naotugu Ito I asked him for his opinion on what the Zeuhl fan should look to buy from the Japanese scene
Here’s his essential hit list:

KOENJI HYAKKEI – SECOND(CD)’97 god mountain GMCD-027
KOENJI HYAKKEI – NIVRAYM(CD)2001 magaibutsu MGC-18

BONDAGE FRUITS – Bondage fruit 1st 1994 (CD)
BONDAGE FRUITS – Bondage fruit 2nd 1995 (CD)

RUINS – Stonehenge (Shimmy ??) 1990 (Cd)
RUINS – Burning Stone (Shimmy disc 57) 1992 (CD)
RUINS – Hyderomastgroningem (Tzadik TZ 7202) 1995 (CD)



Concert Dates


15 – NANCY – Soirée de Coltrane à Magma – www.nancyjazzpulsations.com
17 – PARIS – JVC Jazz Festival – La Cigale
18 – BOBIGNY – Festival des percussives Bobigny Canal 93
23 – BORDEAUX – Festival Musique de Nuit
24 – SAN SEBASTIAN – Festival de Jazz
25 – TARBES – La Gespe

One Shot

30 – Malguenac (56) – Festival Arts des villes, Arts des Champs
06 – La Cave à Musique (Mâcon – 71)

Art Zoyd


10 – (SWISS) Metropolis Lausanne at the MAD
24 – Flight Experience in Warsaw (Poland) Festival ” Autumn in Warsaw ”
2 – Metropolis, Nevers (Maison de la culture)
4 – Faust, Angoulême (Theater / National Scene)
11 – Metropolis, Breda ( Chassé Theater), Netherlands
29 – Guanajuato at the Explanada of Alhóndiga (start of Mexican tour)
31 – Mexico City at the Auditorio Nacional – Festival Internacional Cervantino – The Night of the Jabberwock:
6,7,8, – Aulnay-sous-Bois (France) Concert for children (from 10 years old). (At 14. 30 on November 6 and 7. At 16. 00.on November 8)
30 – Flight Experience #5 – as part of the Netdays in the Marni Theater / Brussels


5,6,7 – European culture capital / L’Aéronef – Lille 2004 (Performing Armageddon – Operetta for robots, sensors and musicians)
4 – Metropolis at the Trident / National Scene of Cherbourg (France).
27 – Metropolis at the Espace Jacques Prévert / Aulnay-sous-Bois (France).

Akosh Szelevenyi / Yochk’o Seffer

9,10 – Le TRITON – PARIS 9.00pm

Alamaailman Vasarat

29 – Huvila-teltta, Helsingin juhlaviikot/Helsinki Festival with Tuomari Nurmio

Hamster Théâtre

3 – Hot House 31 E. Balbo Ave, Chicago

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic

3 – Zeitgeist Gallery 1353 Cambridge St, Inman Sq, Cambridge, MA 617-876-6060 8pm (time tentative, call gallery for confirmation)
6 – Kennedy Center Washington, DC Millennium Stage FREE. 7pm
23 – The Playloft, in the Lowell Brewery Exchange 201 Cabot Street, Lowell, Massachusetts 978-937-2690  9pm
16 – With African-American spiritual vocalist Oral Moses Forsyth Chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery 95 Forest Hills Avenue, Boston, MA 617-524-0128 4pm

John Greaves, Sophia Domancich, Vincent Courtois

13 – Radio France – Salle Charles Trenet – 75 0016 Paris (France)
27 – New Morning – 75 010 Paris (France)
6 – Maison des 3 Quartiers – Poitiers (86) (France)

Sophia Domancich Pentacle and Henri Texier Strada Quintet

9 – Jazz à La Villette

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